Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So it has been quite a while since I have last written. So many things have happened over that time. I guess I have just been so busy I almost forgot about my blog! So I may not have anyone read it, but that’s okay as well. Eric and I are finally getting married November 6th of this year! I am overly excited and frugally budgeting everything! I received my wedding gown for free, my maid of honor dress for free, and many of my decorations (including Kenna’s flower girl dress) for very little money! I love having great family and friends. I am also making my own corsages and bouquets. I feel very crafty and am actually enjoying it! My favorite part is coming up though! I am making my wedding cake AND re-doing my dress back. It zips up and, well to put it nicely for myself, I am too big boned for it! =] So my mom and I are going to pull out my zipper and hem it. Then we are going to make it a corset back so I can breathe and sit down! All in all I am very pleased with the look of our wedding. Of course I will have photographs up after.

Another amazing moment in my life was Monday when Eric and I signed the lease to our new house. It may be a mobile home (trailer around here!) but it is out home and I am very excited to have it. Moving into this house though will push my coupon clipping, discount buying, staying home WAY more than normal, living. Not going into detail about our earnings, but living here leaves us with less than $50 in saving money. (Or money for diapers when I can’t get my amazon diapers for $23!)

So all in all many things have gone on over the past month. Kenna doesn’t worm crawl anymore... She has 4 teeth now! & Eric and I are finally becoming the family we want to be. So until next time, here are a few photos until I get the wedding photos and house photos!