Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Half Baked

Okay so I just finished reading Half Baked by Alexa Stevenson, and I am not going to lie, it was AMAZING. I cried, laughed, and had horrid dreams that made me wake out of a deep sleep and have Eric reassure me I was not pregnant with quadruplets. But I loved this book. The way Alexa pulls you in to believe you are walking beside her throughout the entire ordeal, it perfect. I saw the dark hallways and the big machines, even though I have no idea what THE OSCILLATOR looks like. I smelt the sanitary smell a hospital gives everytime she entered it. I was there when she bathed Simone, held her, and laughed when Simone licked the cat. (Kenna did that the other day and all I could do was giggle at her obsession with this creature! =]) And I guess I may be slow, or just didn't realize exactally how I was, but even though Eric and I had no problem concieving Kenna, I felt like her for most of my pregnancy. After miscarring our little man (? not sure because "he" was only 4.5 weeks when I lost "him"), then concieving Kenna 6 weeks later, I was terrified about every stomach twinge, every time I laughed too hard and my stomach hurt, everytime someone touched me and I jumped. She brought out every fear I had, and to be honest, I never really had anything to fear. So, even though no one reads this, go buy her book. I am not kidding you. If you have children, if you don't, its amazing and I throughly enjoyed each and every word in it.

(Yes, this is me with the book! See, you should go get it now! =])

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