Saturday, August 7, 2010

Almost there!!

So in 3 days, I am officially a stay at home mom and Kenna will be 8 months old.. She is now 18.3 pounds and 27.3 inches tall! Over two feet!! I love how big she is getting, but it also makes me sad because she won't be little much longer. Each day its something new. Right now she is trying to put her ever present binky in her glow worm baby dolls mouth. She sits up alone and army crawls and if you hold her fingers she will walk! I love that she is becomming a independant little girl.

Eric and I are on our way to buying our own house! We are now saving every penny we get to buy a house. And a really nice part is that his parents are buying 16 acres of land and are letting us fence off an acre and letting us put a house on it! I am thrilled because we will be paying for it in CASH! I can't wait. =]

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