Saturday, July 10, 2010

The life of a Friday

So our amazing friends from New York have now left, hence why I have not been online in about a week now. Its kind of bittersweet. Its nice because I have my bed and kitties back, sad because we will deeply miss them. We were staying at my parents for the week since we live about 45 minutes from the house and it made no sense to drive from our house to their's 4 times a day. So when we got home last night, guess who was there to greet us? Littlefoot and Patches.
Here is patches with her "I'm pissed" look.
& Littlefoot about to attack my flip flops... again.

(Thanks Kelly for the idea to also add my other children to my blog!)

And some other news, Kenna is 7 months old today.. That is another bittersweet moment. My little baby is growing up too fast!
Well, I guess i'm done here for a little. I am sitting at The Outback with my dad and I think its time to go browse Cafemom for a little!

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