Saturday, July 17, 2010

& off she goes again

So Kenna is officially mobile! She can crawl, and almost walk! At 7 months, thats crazy! If she holds your fingers and stand over her, off she will go! So maybe its not as exciting as I would like to think, but it can be to me.

So my last official day of work is August 10th now. I am very excited. With my sister starting softball, I don't really have a choice...But I guess I didn't anyway. $190 per week for daycare is stupid. I'm sorry, but seriously?? What the hell are they teaching my 7 month old that costs $190 a week? Apparently her teacher must have gone to some fucking brilliant baby college that we have yet to hear about..

Anyway, I guess its time to finish here because Kenna is not attacking the power cord for my laptop...

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