Thursday, July 15, 2010

&& time to move again...

So some pretty exciting/depressing news. I get to be a stay at home mom starting August 1st. Its great and everything because its what I have wanted to do ever since I found out I was pregnant. The only thing that sucks is we are going to move back to my parents house, not because we can't afford being on our own. We could make sacrifices and do it, no problem. But our landlord will NOT help with the flea problem in our house. We first thought it was our cats and they had snuck out and brought them it. So the cats went outside and we bug bombed the house. Well, we walked back in and they were gone. Two hours later, guess what I see? Flea's all over me and Eric. I was pissed! So off we went to ask our landlord to help. His words were, "No thats not myt problem, it was probably your cats." So I said no, they are coming up from under our house, its your responsibility to help us out. We pay our rent and we never cause any problems. Who repaired the bathroom you never fixed? We did. Who put in the tile in the kitchen and our room because the carpet smelled like god piss? I did, when I was pregnant! So we told him we would be moved out by the end of the month, and since we cannot live in we will not pay a full month rent. Its his fault for not helping, and I will not pay for an exterminator to come out and use even more harsh chemicals. I just won't do it. So we will be at my mom's again, until Spring probably, so we can save up our money and buy the house we want. I am so excited.

And just so I am being clear, I do love my parents, but there, I can't walk around naked.. Its pretty much my only problem... =]

Well, thats my rant for the moment.
I shall be back later to add some pictures..

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